Guide for Publishing Awards/Recognition received by the alumni members in the website of the University of Peradeniya Alumni in Greater Toronto Area and Suburbs

It is our policy to publish a citation for the awards/recognition received by the alumni members, in recognition of their recent outstanding academic/professional achievements/contributions. The subject of recognition should be within the frame work of the alumni association objectives.


>> The recognition should be from an academic council/professional body who is considered an authority of the subject

>> The achievement/contribution must yield/lead to benefit to those affected or advancement in the academic/professional field

>> If more than one person cited in the awards/recognition, all of their names must be included

>> The citation should include brief introduction of the topic and the awarding organization, core reason for the award/recognition, role of the recipient/s, brief relevant bio data of the recipient

>> Photo of the recipient

>> Any core event photos

>> Statement of the association>

Notification: Any alumni member of the association can notify the award/recognition to the editorial board via e mail: ……………..

Coverage: Content should be restricted to maximum of one page

Decision & Editing right: The content will be reviewed by the editorial board, appointed by the Alumni Committee and final decision to publish will be the responsibility of the alumni committee

The Alumni Association of the University of Peradeniya in Greater Toronto Area and Suburbs
Last revised: 10 August 2015