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Employment Agencies & Mentoring Programs

There are many job agencies and mentoring programs available for foreign trained professionals in Ontario, especially in GTA & suburbs. Do your research before selecting one to make sure it caters to the professions and industry you are looking for. These programs help you meet people in your profession and learn more about Ontario’s workplaces and job requirements and also give the opportunity to obtain a valuable Canadian referral for job application. Following are few.

Access Employment Services

Costi Immigrant Services

Access Centre for Regulated professions

Job Sites
There are numerous job sites available in Ontario for job postings. Some sites may even provide information on paid and unpaid internship programs with various employers. Following are few
Ontario Job bank         
Ontario public service  

Universities vs  Colleges
In addition to standard program offerings, Ontario’s universities & colleges offer a range of programs and services designed to support foreign trained professionals & immigrant students who may be looking to improve on specific skills. These programs provide academic and language upgrading, as well as other professional training, to help immigrants gain meaningful employment and professional licensure in Canada.
There are 20 publicly funded universities in Ontario that offer various undergraduate programs that lead to bachelor degrees and graduate programs that lead to master’s and doctorate degrees. Universities also offer continuing education programs and certificates including distance and part-time programs.
There are 24 publicly funded Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario. Colleges offer full-time and part-time diploma and certificate programs which are usually more directly carrier-oriented with hands-on experience than university programs. Generally, a certificate program is 1 year or less and a diploma program is 2 or 3 years. Many colleges also offer Bachelor degrees applied areas of study.

Post-Graduate Certificates
Certificate programs that offer specialized training required for the Canadian workplace. These programs require prior training and experience in the specific field and are often relevant for immigrants who have previous education and work experience from another country. They are usually one year in length.

Continuing Education
Online or in-class courses and programs are available in flexible part-time day and evening hours. These courses are designed to enhance training in a wide variety of occupations.

Academic Upgrading
Courses and programs designed to improve communication, computer, sciences and math skills for admissions to post-secondary programs, many of which result in earning a credential. Academic upgrading offerings vary by university or college. Some universities offer partnerships with a college to grant a degree and a diploma concurrently. Co-op programs are also available
List of Ontario Universities

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a mix of grants and loans for students. This is a good way to meet your financial needs if you wish to obtain new academic qualifications for your profession or new career move. Through one OSAP application, you have access to this mix of different financial aid programs, depending on your circumstances. You can get OSAP to attend any schools that are approved for OSAP. Not everyone is eligible for funding assistance from the Ontario Student Assistance Program. See the links below for information on who is eligible and what other assistance programs exist for students.


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