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Ontario Job market for foreign trained professionals

Every year over 100,000 new immigrants come to Ontario. That’s nearly 40 percent of all Canada’s immigrants. There is no doubt that it’s every newcomer’s desire to find a well-paid job that match skills and qualifications in their possession. Ontario has many opportunities to offer newcomers, however; finding a job that matches your skills and qualifications takes hard work and sometimes it can also take time. Be prepared.

Regulated professions & Regulatory bodies
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Regulated professions & Regulatory bodies
In Ontario, some professions set their own standards of practice. These are known as regulated professions. We believe that the majority of the University of Peradeniya alumni migrating to Canada have the potential educational qualifications and experience that is essential to register with these regulatory bodies. So, our focus here is to provide some guidance to University of Peradeniya alumni migrating to Ontario to register with relevant regulatory bodies and to find a professional employment.
The following is the list of regulated professions and professions with protected titles in Ontario.

Regulated non-health professions and respective regulatory bodies


Ontario Association of Architects (OAA                       web:

Certified Engineering Technicians and Technology

Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT)                       

Chartered Professional Accounting

Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario)  web:

Early Childhood Educator

College of Childhood Educators of Ontario (CECE)             web:


Ontario Professional Foresters Association                   web:


Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario         web:

Human Resources Professional

The Human Resources Professionals Association                web:

Insurance Broker

Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario                      web:

Land Surveying

Association of Ontario Land Surveyors                       web:                       


The Law Society of Upper Canada                              web:


The Law Society of Upper Canada                              web:

Professional Engineering

Professional Engineers Ontario                               web:

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Council of Ontario                                                      web:

Social Work

Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers   web:

Social Service Work

Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers   web:


Ontario College of Teachers                                  web:

Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinarians of Ontario                          web:

Non-health professions with protected titles


Only those registered with the Ontario Institute of Agrologists as “professional agrologist” have the right to practice professional agrology in Ontario.

Chartered Chemist

Only those registered with the Association of the Chemical Profession of Ontario (ACPO) have the right to practice as “Chartered Chemist” and are permitted to use the designation C.Chem. after their names.