Member Requirements.....


A full member of the Association can be a Person: who has been registered as a student of the University of Peradeniya; any of its preceding institutes and has degrees; or post-secondary diplomas or post-secondary certificates from the university; or who has completed one year of full-time studies, or the equivalent thereof (if required by the board, verified by the Academic Registrar of the respective faculty of the University), towards such a degree, diploma or certificate and are no longer registered at the University is eligible to be a full member of the Association.


An associate member of the Association can be: Anyone who is or has been a member of the academic or administrative or Non-academic staff and completed minimum one year in that capacity Any past member of the ‘University of Peradeniya Council’ Spouse or legal partner of a full member or a deceased member.


Those who qualify under Article 5.1 or 5.2 above could obtain ‘Life Member’ status upon submitting the membership application and payment of the life membership fee.

MEMBERSHIP FEE Full Member - $20.00 (Annual) Associate Member - $10.00 (Annual) Life Member - $200.00 (onetime fee) Membership fee to be submitted with the application